Available for Contract Hire in Glasgow / Remote

Hello, I'm Connor.
I am a Senior Software Developer with in-depth, curated knowledge of the Laravel Framework and Vue.js.

I am now available for contract or freelance work in Glasgow and beyond.

What I can do for you

Take your ideas from paper straight through to launch

The only thing that tops my passion for development is seeing it used by real people. I'm absolutely committed to developing the best products to delight your customers.

Unburden you from your nightmarish legacy code

It's often inevitable. You keep tacking on features to win a client time and time again. 2 years down the line the clients have changed and your code has only become more unbearable. It's now stopping you from doing what you really want to be doing.

Let me get you back away from the support desk and bring your systems up to date.

Set you up for success

I'm not in the business of re-inventing the wheel or tying you up in further work. At every opportunity, I will recommend 3rd party service integrations that will get you to market quicker with products that you can rely on.
If their business fails, you can rely on it being built so that you can switch them out in minutes.

Why Me?

I'm not your average developer. I am obsessed. Night and day, you can expect that I'm fine-tuning my skills to make sure I know what I'm doing in a crisis.

I'm an expert with Laravel 5, Vue.js and more.
I've successfully deployed hundreds of servers, load balancers, redis clusters, VPC networks and so much more in AWS.

My diverse background in Computational Physics, Web hosting, Systems Administration and Software Development all combine in to a true full-stack developer. I am comfortable on the backend and frontend and use the latest build tools.

In my last team I took the lead moving us from manual setup AWS servers to one-click scalable clusters using cutting-edge Docker technology. That means using the latest open source technology like Google's Kubernetes to orchestrate our microservice architecture and replicate and scale our applications in seconds.

In my spare time I contribute to open source, developer forums and write technical articles to showcase what I enjoy and to collaborate with others.

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Still not convinced?

Open Source


Doctrine2 is a robust and well respected data-mapper implementation for PHP.
This package integrates Doctrine's new ODM for MongoDB with Laravel and is interoperable with any other framework. 100% Test-driven and completely abstracted to provide a better API for users of the ODM.


This package provides a PHP Class-based mapping driver for Doctrine ODM. It is a fluent metadata builder that provides chainable interfaces for separating database concerns from your core code.

Several extra features to the ODM were added such as support for Dependency Injection for PHP frameworks, automatic integration of Doctrine Extensions, Custom Mapping Types, Lazy-loading and Automatic Custom Repositories.


A Node.js package for spinning up disposable MongoDB Servers for your testing environment. Designed to be asynchronous for use with Ava Test Runner. See my article about Ava Test Runner and Mongomem for more information.

Past Experience

Over 14 months developing bespoke, high-volume applications at Digitonic.

  • What could I have personally achieved in 14 months, you might ask:

  • An R&D Project in data mining scaling up to 200+ servers and utilising a distributed cluster including Redis, Selenium, Squid Proxy, Worker Servers and a main Platform.

  • A bespoke marketing campaign web app for one of the biggest betting brands in the UK.

  • A bespoke single page application to streamline conversions and allow leads to sign up to multiple brand offers simultaneously.

  • A high-volume SMS microservice delivering in excess of 3 million messages per hour. Instantly scalable.

  • A lead position developing a high-volume SMS marketing platform with advanced features such as message throttling and trackable vanity links.

Over 2.5 years of development, systems administration and web hosting support at Catalyst2.

One of the first 15 people at Edinburgh University to receive the Lloyds Scholars Programme Academic Scholarship.

BSc Computational Physics.

Other Technologies
  • PHP 7
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • MongoDB
  • JavaScript (including jQuery, VueJS) and JS SPAs
  • HTML5
  • CSS (including extensive use of Bootstrap, Bulma and
    Semantic UI)
  • Git
  • Git Flow
  • Envoy
  • Jira (working knowledge of scrum & agile practices)
  • Bash Scripting
  • Composer, Gulp, NPM, Browserify, Laravel Elixir
  • Webpack
  • Automated Testing & TDD
  • Docker
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Kubernetes

What About Now?